Winter Weather Keeps Emergency Crews Busy

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The winter weather continued to pound the Brazos Valley Tuesday. From freezing rain, to short bursts of snow, to icy roads. We have seen it all and relief is still hours away.

Highway six proved to be one of the most dangerous spots in our area. Several cars slid off the highway throughout the day.

According to the College Station Police Department since 6 a.m. Monday until about noon Tuesday they worked 13 minor accidents, 3 major accidents and assisted 20 motorists. During that same time period the Bryan Police Department worked 8 minor accidents, 2 major accidents, and assisted 10 motorists.

According to the Hearne Police Department, one accident that sent one person to the hospital was on the Robertson County line. According to police, the accident happened when a mail truck slid on the bridge, crossed the highway and came to a stop. One person was taken to the hospital, but there were no serious injuries.

"We have folks getting in a hurry on the way to this call I had several cars try to pass me and that's the main thing these bridges are icy and cold and it doesn't take much to lose control," M. Navarro with the Hearne Police Department said.

The ice started accumulating Monday afternoon and is expected to be stay through Wednesday morning. That's how long freezing temperatures are expected to last, and that's how long emergency crews expect to work around the clock.