Brazos Valley Residents Endure Wintry Weather

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As the Brazos Valley endured its first winter storm of 2007, many local schools and businesses were forced to shut down.

One business that braved the inclement weather was O'Reilly Auto Parts on University Drive. However, those who went there looking for ice scrapers or de-icer, were just a little bit too late.

"We got the ice scrapers in last weekend, and we sold them this weekend," said Dennis Winckler, of O'Reilly Auto Parts. "Probably, in a matter of three hours. De-icer we've gotten three cases and sold them within the first hour and a half of having them. In the last two and a half days, we've had to turn customers away because our whole entire district is completely sold out and back ordered."

Brazos Valley residents who ventured out into the wintry conditions say they had to be wary of some slippery situations.

"I nearly busted my butt coming out of my house," said Robby Branch.

"It gets a little slippery on roads that are less traveled, but you've got to slow down and be really careful," said Rodger Wagner.

Other residents didn't seem to mind the cold and wet conditions. Primarily because it meant a day off.

"We didn't have to go to school, so it's fine with us," said one Brazos Valley couple.