Another Dallas County Man Cleared by DNA

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A man convicted of raping a child in 1983 is expected to be formally exonerated today in a Dallas court.

That would make James Waller the 12th Dallas County man since 2001 to be cleared based on DNA evidence.

Waller spent 10 years in prison after he was convicted of aggravated sexual abuse in the rape of a 12-year-old boy.

He was 26 when he was accused of the rape based on identification from the victim. But earlier, the boy had told police he never saw the attacker face-to-face.

Waller has been out on parole since 1993 and has had to register as a sex offender.

Only New York and Illinois have more DNA exonerations than Dallas County --- a trend that state Senator Rodney Ellis said is an "international embarrassment."

In Dallas County, about 400 prisoners who filed wrongful conviction claims have received DNA testing. That's led to the 12 exonerations.

A spokeswoman for new Dallas County D.A. Craig Watkins says the District Attorney is determined to look into the underlying causes.