Weather Permits Bryan and College Station Schools to Resume Class

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Bryan and College Station students went back to school Wednesday after a day off for winter weather.
And even though several parents have questioned the decision, school administrations say the right one was made.

Both Bryan and College Station Independent School Districts decided to delay the start time and welcome kids back to class.

"Closing a school system is not a decision you take lightly," Sandy Farris with the Bryan Independent School District said.

Both schools announced they would have a two hour delay Wednesday, but to ensure they made the right decision school staff took out around 5 a.m. to drive around the district and monitor the roads.

"Our transportation people go out early in the morning and they evaluate all the routes," Farris said. "They look at the rural routes and some of those areas that are prone to icing. The roads were fine."

The College Station Independent School District made their own assessment and the same decision.

"Based on the reports of eight individuals they certainly felt that in all areas that it was safe for our buses to travel and certainly safe for parents," Eddie Coulson, the superintendent of College Station ISD said.

But Wednesday did not go entirely smooth.

Bryan ISD let students leave Sam Houston Elementary early, because the heat was not working.
About 50 of the 500 students elected to stay and portable heaters were put in several of the classrooms.
School officials say the problem was fixed late Wednesday afternoon.

Both districts say weather related absences will be excused and both say they made the right decision.

"We just felt like it was the right thing to do so we wouldn't have kids home alone," Coulson said. "We would have kids at school where they are very safe."

"We're not going to put our employees at risk in weather situations, and we will certainly not put our students at risk," Farris said. "This morning they determined everything was fine."

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