Easterwood Deals With Wintry Weather Delays

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The inclement weather battering the area and the country has put a damper on airline schedules. While major airports are bearing the brunt of the delays, smaller airports like Easterwood haven't been immune.

Mother Nature's cold drape over the Brazos Valley has meant a rare sight: ice blanketing Easterwood.

"Most airports south of the Red River very seldom experience a lot of ice," said John Happ, the director at Easterwood, "maybe up in the North Dallas area."

And that's exactly why Texas A&M's airport saw a less-than-busy Wednesday. Houston-based Continental Airlines managed to get six of a scheduled eight flights into the Brazos Valley despite the weather.

Dallas-Fort Worth-based American Airlines was a completely different story. None of DFW's flights made the trip to B-CS Wednesday, and in total, some 200 flights were canceled in Big D. That meant reworked plans for travelers at Little E.

"Each of the two airlines have a manager here, and they keep us pretty informed and up-to-date on when the flights are cancelled and when they're delayed," Happ said. "We've tried to keep on schedule as much as we possibly can. I'm really proud of the airlines. They've done everything they could to keep the airplanes on scheduled."

And the ice at Easterwood hasn't been able to get too much of a grip on their operations, though the airport does not have special equipment to deal with ice. Of course, frozen precipitation is a blue moon occurrence.

"You want to make sure the runway is clear and not holding any icy patches," Happ said, "and we have, in some cases, put out sand and that kind of thing for icy patches, but we've been very fortunate. Our runway has not had a problem with icing at all."

And they'd rather not have to deal with that slippery scenario again anytime soon.

Some early morning flights are expected to be delayed out of Dallas again Thursday, but Easterwood is anticipating things to returning to normal by the afternoon.