Ice Likely Culprit in College Station Power Outage

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The big freeze which turned the Brazos Valley into an iced over winter wonderland, is now turning into a liquid mess. But before the ice could melt away, it may have played a part in leaving some College Station residents in the dark, Thursday morning.

"We had some equipment failure, we don't know if it was due to the ice and the weight on the line, but we had a bolt come loose on one of the poles and a line came down across Wellborn Rd. and the railroad tracks, early this morning," said Tony Michalsky of College Station Utilities.

According to College Station Utilities, the downed wire caused roughly 2500 people, mostly college students on the west side of Wellborn, to be without power.

Other than Thursday's incident, officials say despite the weather, power outages have been minimal.

"It really hasn't been too bad," said Michalsky. "We've had a few minor outages caused by some trees and then mostly customer calling about tree limbs on their service lines."

Other electric providers such as MidSouth Synergy, and Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative have repaired multiple storm related outages throughout the week, while BTU did not experience any outages at all.