Quick Recovery For Boy Shot By BB

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A Magnolia boy who was accidentally shot in the eye with a BB gun continues to make a remarkable recovery. The 11 year old was shooting with his older brother the day after Christmas when an errant shot ricocheted into his eye.

The BB travelled through to the back of his brain where it became lodged. Doctors were unable to save his eye and ended up leaving the pellet in the boy's head to prevent further brain damage. Despite dire diagnosis, the boy has made a remarkable recovery. He was released from the hospital after only a week's stay. He was also able to return to school Monday.

His mom said the injury hasn't slowed him down a bit. He's awaiting a prosthetic eye which will be designed and painted by a special artist to closely resemble his actual eye. But his mom says knowing her son, he'll probably want the Texas A&M "Gig Em" emblem painted on it instead.