Confederacy Controversy in Austin

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The Confederacy is creating a stir this week in Texas government.

Rocker Ted Nugent on Tuesday wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the Confederate flag on stage at Governor Rick Perry's inaugural ball.

Perry spokesman Robert Black says they'd never try to squelch anyone's freedom of expression and most everyone who saw Nugent's show -- enjoyed it.

But Gary Bledsoe with the Texas N-Double-A-C-P says the Confederate battle flag is never appropriate.

Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson didn't have a problem with Nugent's use of the Confederate flag.

Patterson today said he didn't think it was inappropriate -- saying part of Nugent's "schtick" is to generate controversy.

Patterson made the comments shortly after getting a 250 dollar donation from the Descendants of Confederate Veterans for a project to preserve historic maps and records.

Three of the descendants, dressed like Confederate soldiers, presented the check to Patterson and posed for pictures.

Bledsoe says the historical significance of the Confederacy should be acknowledged -- but not celebrated.