Family's Search For Justice Goes National

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Wanda McGill and her family have be re-adjusting to life without one of their family members. In September of 2002, Matthew McGill was driving back home on FM 2154 when a driver flipped their vehicle and came into his lane.

Matthew died from his injuries. The driver of that vehicle, Gregorio Lozano was allegedly drunk and has not been seen since. His mother said during those special times of the year life is hard.

"It has been frustrating. It has made me very angry especially at the holidays," Wanda said. "He is spending it with his family and I do not have my son."

In 2003 Gregorio Lozano was indicted on intoxication manslaughter charges, but the district attorney's office said he has to be in custody to stand trail. Wanda has been searching for Lozano through any and all avenues.

"I have submitted (packets) to Oprah, Montel. I sent big packets to the U.S. Rangers, the U.S. Marshals, anybody that I could think of I've sent packets," Wanda.

And one national program responded. On Saturday's edition of America's Most Wanted, Lozano will be featured on the America's Most Shameful segment.

Wanda hopes anonymous tips will help justice to be served.

"I want him to get turned in. I want him to come in," Wanda said. "I want him to go to trail and hopefully be found guilty."

Bryan Schwartz, an investigator for the District Attorney's office said he hopes the broadcast will help find Lozano.

"We hope that the more people that see it, witnesses will come forward. People will call and tell of his were abouts," Schwartz.

Schwartz said in order for the case to move on, one thing has to happen.

"He will need to be located and arrested," Schwartz said.