Texas A&M Improving The Taste In Space

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On Friday officials at Texas A&M announced the university will help astronauts to have more choices at dinner time in space. A&M teamed up with Wyle Laboratories and the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) to produce ready-to-eat foods.

The newly created research team will be working to create space ready entrees like lasagna, and teriyaki beef steak. The partnership will also help develop new food production techniques that could be applied to food safety.

But one of the main goals is to make space travel meals more nutritional.

Dr. Elsa Murano, Vice Chancellor of and Dean of Agriculture and Life Sciences said the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station will produce standard meal items that will be launched with crews on future space flights. In addition, she said they will also be designing the next generation of astronaut meals.

"They are also going to be using this facility to do the research, the product development, to develop new varieties," Murano said.

Standard and improved meals manufactured in College Station will also be use to feed personnel on the space station.