Protest Acknowledges Roe v. Wade Anniversary

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A cold and dreary day met abortion protestors, and the organizers of the event said it was appropriate.

Pro-life supporters gathered Saturday morning in front of the local Planned Parenthood location to protest abortion in advance of the Roe v. Wade anniversary.

In 1973, a Supreme Court decision legalized abortion. Since that time, it has remained a controversial issue that is avoided, including by many politicians.

Texas State Senator Steven Ogden is not one of those politicians.

"I believe that abortion is wrong," he said.

The senator, who joined protestors outside Bryan's Planned Parenthood office, said his position on abortion has never been a secret, even when campaigning. He says the reason is that sometimes, keeping silent to avoid conflict is not an option.

"When it comes to whether somebody lives or dies, I think you need to take a position," Ogden said.

Coalition for Life Executive Director Shawn Carney says the senator's candor on the issue could inspire other lawmakers to voice their opinion.

"Politicians can always encourage each other and while so many of them ran from this issue because it is so polarizing," Carney said.

An attempt was made to speak to officials at the local Planned Parenthood office, but they declined an interview. However, the Houston administrative office of Planned Parenthood released this statement:

"Planned Parenthood, along with the majority of Texans and Americans, believe in a woman's right to make personal and private decisions about her health. Thirty-four years ago the Supreme Court affirmed this fundamental right.
Women need access to health care and information so they can live healthy lives and make informed decisions about their futures. Prevention and access to health care and information, not protests, will help women avoid unintended pregnancies, illnesses, and reduce the need for abortion."

Those on both sides of this hot button issue remain constant and committed to their stance.