Church Members Have Reason to Sing Praise

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The members of the New Zion Missionary Baptist Church have spent the last several months conducting church services wherever possible, anywhere from Bryan High to a local recreation center, while their church was being renovated.

"We were kind of like the children of Israel we were just wandering, and we didn't know where to go from one day to the next," said Dr. Sylvester Smith, Jr. The pastor of New Zion Missionary Baptist Church.

Sunday morning, the congregation had reason to celebrate as their days of wandering officially came to an end.

"We're just excited about this day. The members are because everybody has embraced the vision, it's just been like a long time coming for us," said Smith.

The sanctuary was one part of the church which underwent a major transformation, along with an addition of a multi-purpose building and fellowship hall.
The members of the church couldn't be more excited.

"I think it's great, I think it's a vision God had for us," said church member Dee Dee Cooks. "And we're totally excited about it, and just looking forward to seeing what God was going to do in the future."

"It shows how much faith can bring to something we've been praying for, something we've been looking forward to," said member, Rosco Mason. And to see it come to where it is now is a blessing."

The members of the congregation played a vital role in making the renovations on the church become a reality.

"I have nothing but great compliments to the way the members have been able to pay their tithes, and bring their tithes, and bring their offerings to church to get the project started and at a point where we are now," said Smith.