New Braunfels Adding Rules for Tubers

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New Braunfels city officials say a slate of proposed ordinances are meant to rein in rowdy tubers on the Comal and Guadalupe rivers.

The City Council plans today to consider rules to curb drinking by banning open alcohol containers at several riverfront parks. The council also wants to limit the size of coolers on the rivers to those that hold only a six-pack.

The new rules would also limit tubers on the Comal to one tube per person, limit the size of tubes to four square feet and require life jackets for children.

The city started cracking down on booze-fueled tubing parties and litter last summer with a ban on beer bongs and Jell-O shots. The city also increased fines for noise ordinance violations.

Mayor Bruce Boyer says the council should work quickly to adopt the new ordinances so news about the rules will spread to tourists before the summer.