CSPD Officer Cleared in Horse Shooting

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An off-duty College Station police officer accused of shooting a neighbor's miniature horse has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

A Brazos County grand jury determined that filing criminal charges against Damian Anderson was not warranted or justified.

According to court documents, Anderson shot his neighbor's horse in November, after he claimed it was injuring his livestock and he couldn't restrain it.

Anderson told sheriff officials that the horse had intruded on his property and was harassing and attacking two of his horses, according to court documents.

Anderson reported, and deputies documented, numerous bite marks on the stomach of two horses and a gash on the side of the face of one of the horses.

The investigation also revealed that the miniature horse had broken on to Anderson's property on several prior occasions, injuring one of Anderson's horses on one occasion which required veterinary care.

A review by the Brazos County District Attorney's office found Anderson had acted lawfully and committed no violation of Texas criminal law.

Texas law provides that citizens have a right to use force to protect their property at nighttime if there is no alternative.

The District Attorney's Office and the grand jury have determined that no criminal charges should be filed, and the case has been closed.