Candidates Enter Cyber Race

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Americans in this day and age use the Internet for a variety of things; anything from shopping, to research, and even hoping to find true love.

Now candidates for the 2008 presidential election are taking their forums to the Internet, in a cyber race which could lead to the White House.

Political analyst Blanche Brick, says the announcement of several candidate's intentions for the White House, was a strategic move made by the politicians.

"It gives them the control of the message, and the medium becomes the message because they are not in a press conference, they are not asked difficult questions that they may not want to deal with at this point, and they can be seen totally at ease," said Blanche Brick.

Brick said the use of the Internet could play a vital role in the election, as it allows the candidates to take much more control of their campaigns.

"In this way, they become their press manager and their major spokesman," said Brick.

In past elections, Brick said, candidates who have mastered the new medium have ultimately done the best.

"We know FDR mastered the radio, and got his message out, and did the best as far as bringing people to support his ideas," said Brick. "We know as well as with John F. Kennedy, he mastered the new medium of television, and so the same will apply to this."

Only time will tell how effective the role of the Internet will be in election 2008.