No Decision On Briarcrest Improvement Project

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Tuesday's Bryan City Council meeting was crowded by citizens waiting to see if the city council would approve the proposed improvement plan for FM 1179 or Briarcrest. That decision has been delayed again.

A number of residents and business leaders that live and work on Briarcrest packed the Bryan City Council chambers to make sure that council members had all of the facts before they voted. Many of them were objecting to the current plan presented by the Texas Department of Transportation to place a permanent median down the roadway that would restrict left hand turns to certain area.

Opponents of the plan believe any improvement on FM 1179 should be concentrated on the intersections or areas where vehicle accident occurrence is high.

A motion by Bryan City Councilman, Mike Southerland was passed, to have yet another meeting to give all parties involved the chance to discuss at length possible changes to Briarcrest. The city council has scheduled another public meeting for February 6th at Bryan High School at six o'clock.

Many business leaders were pleased with the decision. Michelle Winder, owner of Briarcrest Cleaners said she is now more optimistic that an alternative plan could be considered.

"I believe now we are going to have the opportunity to sit down, one on one and discuss other options," Winder said.

Her husband Shaun Winder, who co-owns the family business, said during the time between now and the next meeting city and state officials may be able to see where improvement really need to be made on FM 1179.

"I hope they look at the strong areas where the accidents or where the problems are and we concentrate on the areas instead of fixing a problem that doesn't exist," Shaun said.

Property owners will be able to talk with TxDot officials, and city council members at the February meeting in a forum that is more conducive to a question and answer format. Bryan City Councilman Jason Bienski hopes an acceptable compromise can be reached.

"it will give us an opportunity to met with those business leaders, met with TxDot and city staff and council and come up with some solutions to some of these problems," Bienski said.

The city council would like a concensus on a plan before the March 13th city council meeting, but they stress that they do not want to rush to any decision.