Neighbors Shocked at A&M Employee's Arrest

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Residents in one South Bryan neighborhood were shocked Thursday evening on hearing news that one of their neighbors faces more than two dozen charges related to inappropriate acts with children.

Police say Brian Lancaster, 35, was arrested just before 5 p.m.
Wednesday night.
He has been charged with 27 crimes:

  • 18 counts of possession of child pornography
  • two counts of child porn with intent to promote
  • five counts of indecency with a child
  • one count of indecency with a child with exposure
  • one count of sexual performance with a child.

    "I would never guessed that would be a problem," Lancaster's neighbor Jane Palanco said.

    Palanco could not believe the news Thursday that her neighbor and the father of her children's friend was behind bars.

    "My daughter plays with his son and they go back and forth," Palanco said. "She goes to his house quite often."

    According to court documents Lancaster tried to take nude pictures of an 8-year-old girl who was taking piano lessons from his wife. He is also accused of caressing the girl's older sister.

    Authorities acting on a warrant confiscated Lancaster's computer and found a number of inappropriate images of children.

    Police say they found 16 total pictures of the girls, fully clothed, on Lancaster's digital camera.

    Court documents also state police recovered pornographic pictures and 16 pornographic videos on Lancaster's home computer, one with the 8-year-old girl unaware that Lancaster was performing a lewd act in the same room.

    "I let my kids go to their friends' houses and it's something I'm going to have to think about," Palanco said.

    Texas A&M University lists Lancaster as the assistant director of the Study Abroad Programs Office.
    The university said they would not comment on personnel matters or on-going criminal investigations.

    Lancaster's bond has been set at $13.5 million dollars, or $500,000 for each charge, but it may not be enough to erase the pain and shock Lancaster's neighbors are feeling.

    "Like they say you never know, it could be your neighbor and guess what, it is my neighbor," Palanco said.