Hearne EMS Moves into New Home

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When bad accidents happen in Robertson County, time is of the essence.

Jan Roe, Judge of Robertson County says, "You hear of the 'Golden Hour' of treatment after a catastrophic injury. Our golden hour, many times, expires in that ambulance because of our geographical location."

Robertson County EMS has been saving lives in Hearne and surrounding areas for over 20 years. Now, they're moving into a new station.

"It gives us a great places to train. We finally have a place where we can train our guys and keep up with our CE's and so forth. And it also gives the citizens peace of mind when they drive by and see the ambulances here at the station," says Chris Lamb, Chief of EMS.

Residents came out to tour the new station and emergency equipment, all located off Cedar Street.

Resident Juanita Elliot says, "I'm just so proud for them to have a nice place like this. They deserve it and the people of Robertson County deserve it."

The station will staff two paramedics and supervisor 24 hours a day.
For citizens of Hearne, it's a reassuring feeling that if an accident happens, lives can be saved.

Another resident, Darlene Yeager says, "It's a very reassuring feeling that there's someone to call and they're going to be there."