BBB Warns of Local Consumer Scam

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The local Better Business Bureau is warning of a potential scam concerning A&M Consolidated High School. It's another instance where the BBB is underscoring personal security.

College Station Police have notified the Better Business Bureau and President Larry Lightfoot of a potenial scam involving a company called Scoreboard Productions.

"In this case, we think they were selling promotional items like t-shirts and things like that," Lightfoot said. "In other instances, it could have been football schedules, basketball, various things involving the schools or university."

The BBB says businesses and consumers have been called by reps from Scoreboard saying the purchase of their products will benefit Consol and College Station ISD. But the bureau says the school district hasn't given permission to or received funds from the firm.

"There are those vultures, if you will, that will pray on the generosity of a community such as we have, and sell something that, if they do produce it, it probably won't be as quality of a product as we might have expected them to provide," Lightfoot said.

The national BBB database has matched Scoreboard's 800 phone number to Fanfare Sports Marketing in Moline, Illinois, but that local bureau has not been given requested information on the company.

When we contacted a customer service representative at Scoreboard Productions, she said the last dealings between them and A&M Consolidated were back in May 2004, and that currently, the two sides had no dealings with each other at all. A managerial representative at the company was unavailable for comment.

"Our advice to the consumer is don't provide any personal information," said Lightfoot. "If the interest is there in the product they're trying to sell, find out how you can get back in touch with them, then find out if the school is actually endorsing or has commissioned these people to do the work."

Otherwise, schools may not be ending up with the support or the money.

Lightfoot says Bryan and College Station have both been hit by similar scam attempts in the past.