No Arrests For Police

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It is a rare occurence when a police operation does not result in any arrests. So when it happens that becomes unique news. The Bryan Police Department said an overnight operation ended without any arrest.

Police conducted a prostitution sting Friday, targeting would-be customers or "johns". Undercover officers were positioned at various locations throughout Bryan for over two hours and no one was taken into custody.

Police said it is due in part to making the public aware. Bryan Assistant Police Chief, Peter Sheets said the word is getting out that prostitution will not be tolerated.

"News pieces run on KBTX and in other venues and they realize that Bryan undercover officers are out operating within the city," Sheets said.

Bryan Police said during the overnight operation, not one would-be john ever crossed the line or broke the law. Police said many of them were, in their words, paranoid because of police crackdowns on prostitution.

Authorities said it is a sign that their efforts are working, but it also may be time to change their approach.