First Emeril, Now Cake Business

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A College Station woman had all the right ingredients when it came to winning a contest on the Emeril Live show.

Cindy Jarrott won the contest with her recipe of "spicy shrimp and crab croquettes" featured on Saturday's show.

Just a day after her televised cooking debut, Jarrott was already back in the kitchen. This time she was working on her new business, Cakes by Cindy.

Jarrott said she was motivated to start the business after winning the Emeril Live contest.

"When they were here, we did the Aggie football helmet cake and then some Gig'em cookies. I've been doing cakes since 1999 for the Aggie Moms," said Jarrott. "And the producers said you're too good to just do that, you need to get into bigger cakes, and so we started doing the wedding cakes and special occasion cakes."

With a few words of encouragement, Jarrott debuted her new cake business at the annual Bridal Show and Benefit at Reed Arena, Sunday.

The cakes caught the eyes of several brides-to-be, and Jarrott hopes to be working with many of them in the near future.

"Meeting lots of different people, trying to help them decide what type of cakes or flavors and designs, it's a lot of fun," said Jarrott.

With all her recent cooking success, Jarrott remains in awe of all the opportunities she has been presented over the past few months.

"I would have never thought I would have been on the show, or be baking cakes like this," said Jarrott.