Indian Lakes to be Featured on Discovery Channel

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A College Station subdivision has garnered national attention. The Villages of Indian Lakes will be featured on the Discovery Channel for its eco-friendly style of living.

Through research conducted by the network, it was found Baby Boomers are spending more money on ecologically-friendly property, as well as property featuring trails for hiking and biking.

When the network set out to do their story, The Villages of Indian Lakes caught their attention.

"What we are trying to attempt to do is bond people with nature, and we want them to live in harmony together," Paul Clarke with Clarke & Wyndham Real Estate Investment Services said.

After a lengthy search and interview process, The Discovery Channel selected The Villages of Indian Lakes as one of the top four eco-friendly places to live in the United States.

"That's what people are targeting to move into is more ecologically oriented developments," Clarke said, "and the second thing that research showed was people wanted hiking, biking, and educational trails, and we have many, many miles of them out here."

And people from all over are calling the subdivision home.

"We heard there was an area that was going to build a lake, and that was probably the biggest thing that attracted us to the area," homeowner David Cooper said.

Also, the peacefulness and tranquility of Indian Lakes convinced Cooper to build his dream home.

"We wanted a place where we could really just rest and relax and have people over and enjoy being out in the country without really being out in the country," Cooper said.

Cooper says he wanted a place where he and his wife could relax.

"It was much more pretty, much more beautiful than I had ever imagined it would be," Cooper said.

The subdivision is four years old, and about 55 families call it home, with more on the way. It's the lake, the trails, and the wilderness that has attracted people to the area. And the more that make the move, the more the College Station economy will gain.

The show is set to air in the spring on both the Discovery and Travel Channels.