Keeping Students on Track

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While dropout rates in Texas, according to a new study appear to be high, Bryan and and College Station schools are seeing much different trends.

"On average we have about 3500, 3600 students at Bryan High School, let's say 3600, and right now we are averaging about five percent of our students as being counted as a drop out," said Bryan High School Principal, Carol Cune.

Cune said that those stats were according to the school's current completion rate data.

A&M Consolidated High School, reported a relatively low number of dropouts according to data from the previous school year.

"On our AEIS report for our school report card last year we had a drop out rate of about .3%," said A&M Consolidated High School Principal, Ron Fox. "And I think a lot of what we do during the school year to prevent students from dropping out probably helps with that statistic."

Both Bryan and College Station High Schools, are finding new ways to motivate students to stay in school.
Both schools have programs in place to help students in school and outside of the classroom, with a variety of learning atmospheres and options.

One way teachers help students at Consol is by offering extra help to the underclassmen.

"We have two learning labs, a 9th grade learning lab and a 10th grade learning lab," Fox said. "Those labs really focus on credit recovery for the students in the 9th and 10th grades. Specifically, that have not been successful in a course, usually a core course."

Bryan also offers similar tutoring and mentoring type classes, and they also have a drop out recovery specialist on staff to help get students back into the classroom.

"If students don't come back to school at the beginning of the year he's out knocking on doors trying to find them," said Cune. "Hearing they're working at a job and going to that place trying to get them back to Bryan High School, or at least into a graduation program."

And local officials believe going that extra mile may mean the difference between a drop out and a diploma.