Former City Manager Speaks Out

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Former Madisonville City Manager Tom Ginter is now speaking out about his resignation which was prompted and accepted by the City Council last Thursday.

Ginter told News Three that he enjoyed working with the employees and the members of the community in Madisonville, and says to his knowledge, there were no specific events that led up to Thursday's decision.

When asked about Mayor Scott Singletary's resignation days after his own, Ginter said the mayor had discussed his decision briefly with a number of people prior to his formal resignation.

"That was Mayor Singletary's decision for himself and his family, and whatever was best for him I understand," Ginter said.

As for Ginter's decision to resign Thursday, he said he felt it was best for a lot of reasons.

"At some point in time when you're a city manager that seems the best course of action," Ginter said. "It's just one of those things that happens in this business. If you're going to be a city manager, it's just something that happens."

Ginter served as the city manager of Madisonville since 2004.
Prior to his employment in Madisonville, Ginter served in a number of city government roles in Oklahoma communities.