Property Tax Deadline Fast Approaching

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The clock is ticking.

Brazos County residents have until midnight to pay property taxes in full.

The Brazos County Tax Office closed its doors at 5 p.m., but there are other ways to get your payment in on time.

"It was very busy today," Kristy Roe with the Brazos County Tax Office said. "Interestingly enough we've seen a lot more interest in people coming in the last couple of weeks. We've had lines pretty much for two weeks now."

The scene was the same Wednesday as it has been in previous years.
Lines of taxpayers wrapped around the inside of the Brazos County Tax Office.

"I've only been here about five or ten minutes so I'll probably be here about 30 or 45 minutes more," Cliff Watson said.

And like in other years, procrastination and forgetfulness had people waiting to pay at the very last minute.

"I don't know," Brazos County resident Cesar Ramirez said. "I just forgot about it."

"I didn't have money until today," Virginia Nix, a Brazos County resident said.

"I just got my income tax check," Brazos County resident Larena Rodriguez said. "One good way to spend it, I guess."

The tax office will have a drop box available until midnight, and you can also make your payment online.

You can pay by e-check at for a $5 fee or by credit at for a three percent fee.

Those payments must be made by midnight or you will face steep penalties.

"The penalty and interest rate starts at seven percent," Roe said. "Then in February it jumps two percent each month after that. In July the penalty and interest rate is 18 percent, and then only the interest goes up."

For convenience sake, the trend to pay online has increased this year, but the lines were not amiss and it seems that trend is likely to continue.

If you decided to pay your property taxes in two separate payments, the second payment is due by June 30th.