College Station Warrants Going To The Web

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(COLLEGE STATION, TX)‐ Beginning September 1st, all of College Station's outstanding warrants will be posted on the web.

If you have any doubts or questions as to whether you or your money is wanted by the city, all you have to do is go online

College Station administrators say they have about 1800 outstanding warrants that amount to almost $600-thousand in uncollected fines.

The courts use Warrant Amnesty and Warrant Roundup periods as additional means of getting the public to comply and to collect on unpaid fines.

Prior to the September 1 publish date, to avoid embarrassment you can simply go to the College Station Municipal Court located at 300 Krenek Tap Road and pay the fine. Even if you are unable to pay the fine
in full, the Court Clerks will review each case and possibly devise a plan, based on eligibility and the amount paid, that will allow you to comply with the judgment over time.

Here's the website to to see what you might owe. .

Remember the city won't have all their data online until September 1st.