Luck of the Draw for Aggie-UT B-Ball Student Tickets

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The Texas A&M Athletics Department released details of a random lottery after a disorganized scene forced the postponement of the ticket pull originally scheduled for Thursday morning.

Thousands of students had lined up and camped out near Kyle Field Wednesday night in the hopes of getting seats for the A&M-Texas men's basketball game set for Monday night. But with no semblance of order, university officials feared an unsafe rush for tickets at 7 a.m. Thursday when the pull was set to begin. (Read More Here)

The pull was called off, and a random lottery has been created to fill the 4,200 student seats.

"This was just an interesting turning point in our history where the demand for basketball tickets was unprecedented, and a system that had worked for years simply was overwhelmed," said Dean Bresciani, A&M's vice president for student affairs.

The following are the rules and regulations behind the lottery for student tickets as listed on the A&M Athletics website:

1. There will be a random lottery system to select which Texas A&M Students will receive tickets to Monday’s Men’s Basketball game against Texas.

2. All students that have a sports pass option that includes basketball AND have pulled a ticket for least one Men’s Basketball home game this year will be automatically entered into the lottery.

3. The lottery will be completely automated and winners will be randomly selected by the University computer system.

4. Winners will be notified in two different ways. First, all winners will receive a message via their neo email accounts. Secondly, they can also log onto and enter their UIN in the sports pass verification system that will be posted on the main page. Through this verification system, students will find out whether they receive a ticket or not. Those who do not win will also see a message regarding the possibility of Standing Room Only Tickets.

5. Tickets must be picked up at the Kyle Field ticket windows on Friday, February 2nd between 7 AM and 7 PM.

6. Selected students are guaranteed a ticket. There is no need to camp for tickets or arrive early at the windows. Tickets can be picked up anytime between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Friday.

7. Each winner MUST have their own Texas A&M Student ID to pull their ticket. A sports card will not be needed or accepted.

8. Winners will only be able to pull ONE ticket.

9. The complete student allotment of tickets will be made available through the lottery system.

10. Due to the Women’s Basketball game on Saturday, February 3rd, camping for entry into the Texas game will not begin until 11 PM on Saturday night.

11. The ticket pull on February 6th for the Texas Tech basketball game will not take place as scheduled. An announcement regarding its timing will be released as soon as details are available.