Recommendation on Rock Prairie Rezoning Delayed

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With concerns about traffic in the Rock Prairie area, College Station's Planning and Zoning Commission will hold off on recommending rezoning for 26 acres in that area.

After nearly three hours of discussion at Our Savior's Lutheran Church Thursday night, the commission chose to defer any action until after the east-side traffic study is completed in mid-April.

Weingarten Realty had previously tried to zone 50 acres in the same plot of land to place a Super Wal-Mart development, but failed. With this new development, Chili's or Cracker Barrel are being discussed as possible businesses there.

"We are committed, once we're able to find an user and find a design, to sit down with the neighbors and the city and come together with a site plan that's mutually beneficial for everybody," said Eric Strauss with Weingarten.

"It's recommended," said Alton Rogers, an area resident, "but I think we need to sit back and look a little bit and see, is this the best location for a large commercial development? We feel like this is not from a neighborhood's perspective."

The city council has the final say in the rezoning process.