Malnourished Animals In Robertson County Receiving Help

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The frail bodies of numerous horses and cows caused the Robertson County Sheriff's Office to receive a lot of phone calls. And those calls led to a search warrant that was executed by sheriff deputies.

Robertson County Sheriff, Gerald Yezak said they immediately saw what had residents concerned.

"You could see from the country road approximately seven or eight animal carcasses just laying scattered across the field," Yezak said.

Their discovery prompted the arrest of 57 year old Clifton Muzyka, from Bremond, on Wednesday. He has been charged with 60 counts of cruelty to animals.

Following the discovery of the carcasses the Robertson County Sheriff's Department was able to obtain a livestock warrant to seize the rest of Muzyka's animals. And about 102 head of cattle and 20 horses will stay in the care custody of the sheriff's office, until a court decides where they will go.

Sheriff deputies have been working diligently with veterinarians from New Baden, who are slowly integrating food back into the animals' diet. One of those veterinarians is Trey Richter who is trying to integrate food back into the animals' diet.

"They have not seen hay and feed in a while so they do not know how to eat. They do not know what it is."

He's said the animals have a long way to recover.

"It is going (to) take a lot...a good while. It takes several months to get cows and horses (back to an appropriate) body condition," Richter said. " They are way behind right now."

As Clifton Muzyka sits in jail, Sheriff Gerald Yezak said even more charges could be filed.

"The Falls County Sheriff's Office has placed a hold on him also, Yezak said. "They are working cases in their country."