The Community Comes Out For Tacey Raulerson

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For weeks Coach Guerrieri and everyone else involved in planning the Coach G Charity Bash worked to get the word out about Saturday's fundraiser for Tacey Raulerson. They succeeded.

Tammy Raulerson, Tacey's mom, said the turn out was impressive.

"It is even bigger and better than anticipated," Tammy said.

Mom said she could not help but feel so much warmth and support from everyone. Family and friends, both close and far away either called, emailed, or decided to come in person to tell the Raulersons how much they love them.

"It is just overwhelming and to see people that we have known for years and we do not get to see them on a regular basis, Tammy said, this is kind (of) like a home coming."

Even strangers who were moved by Tacey's story filled the practice gym at Reed Areana. Participants bought raffle tickets, A&M Women's Basketball tickets, or both knowing that all of the proceeds would go help Tacey.

And the very players she cheers for, came out to let their little Aggie fan know how big of a fan they are of her.

A&M's offensive lineman Chris Yoder said he was glad to come out.

"I have read about her and I know about her situation," Yoder said. "From what I hear she is just a great young girl and this would really help her out a lot."

Katy Pounds, shooting guard for the women's basketball team said the team wanted to let Tacey know that they truly care about. today was just an example of the spirit that lives here.

"We talk to her after every game. We make sure that she knows that we care about her and the fact that she comes to our games, Pounds said, so we really appreciate everything she does and just love her as much as anybody."

Pounds also said the outpouring from A&M teams is an example of the spirit that lives here.

"They have so much community comradery and that is one of the biggest things, that is something very untraditional about a university and very traditional about this university," Pounds said.

Tammy Raulerson could not agree more with the assessment about Texas A&M University and the community as a whole.

"They're so giving and we just couldn't be in a better community, a better place," Tammy said.