The Wait is Over

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The maroon and white will take on the burnt orange Monday night at Reed Arena and the hype surrounding this game surpasses any other.
For days students dealt with the cold weather to be the first in line when the doors opened.

Students were allowed into Reed Arena around 6 p.m. to get what they thought was the perfect general admission seat.

Dozens of Aggies camped out since Saturday and frigid temperatures and a night without a bed could not keep them away.
The students said it was school spirit to the extreme.

Several students did not have the luxury of getting a ticket.
After a "so called" disorganized ticket pull was canceled Thursday, the 4,200 student seats were given out through a random lottery.
And those who were not chosen, had to find other ways.

"I've been camping out since Saturday and I just got my ticket last night," Texas A&M student Greg Coolidge said. "I was camping out in hopes of getting one."

Students have camped out at Reed Arena in the past, but this was the first year the yard was packed with tents.
It comes on the heels of Texas A&M's big win against The University of Texas last year.

The media hopes for the magic of last year.
ESPN and other network affiliates will cover the game.

A game with so much anticipation, tickets went for triple digits on Ebay.

As for ticket distribution for the Texas Tech game on February 13th, an announcement will be made sometime this week as to how students will get those tickets.