Woman And Her "Love" Drive Over Four Foot Ledge

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One local woman gave true meaning to the word "accident", Tuesday afternoon.

Connie Wortham was pulling into a vacant parking space in the 2000 block of East 29th, when her car landed nose down over a four foot parking ledge, and into an oncoming traffic lane.

"I was coming to see the doctor and bring her some information, thought I put my foot on the brake but evidently it went on to the accelerator," said Wortham.

Wortham and her dog, Love, were not injured in the crash, and her car also suffered little damage to it's exterior. All thing's considered, both Wortham and her car were very lucky.

"You know I honestly could bet I'm just one of the luckiest ladies you'll ever meet," said Wortham.

Police arrived on the scene within a matter of minutes, and said Wortham's car will most likely be able to hit the road again in the near future.

"There wasn't really much done except for the front end, and it looks like it's going to be driveable once they get it out of here," said Bryan Police Officer, Rob Johnson.

Northbound traffic was shut down briefly while two tow trucks worked to hoist the car back up the side of the ledge.

Though Bryan Police deal with a number of accidents on any given day, even they are sometimes surprised at what they find.

"You get to see a lot of different things when you're out here. Everyday is a new day, and there's always something new, and something you've never seen before. And it always exhibits different responses," said Johnson. "And it's always good to be able to go back and tell stories at the end of your shift."