Getting More From Your Taxes

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When you enter the lobby at the post office, you can see the tell-tale signs that we are in tax season. Stacks of tax forms are ready for retrieval.

And there are plenty of people who have already done just that.

Brenda Owens is an enrolled agent for B-CS Tax Group, Incorporated who is licensed to prepare tax forms for others. She said people

"Peak time for small tax returns was as soon as W-2s came out so this is peak time for the small tax returns," Owens said.

She advises as you prepare your taxes, do not overlook items like the Long-Distance Telephone Excise Tax Refund. This one-time allowance could put a little more money in your pocket.

"Between '03 and '06, if you had a phone in your name and you were not claimed on someone's tax return then you get a little extra credit back from the government," Owens said.

In addition, she said the IRS is offering energy credits on homes and energy efficient vehicles. Something else Owens advises, is not to forget about the credit from your retirement contributions.

"We also have a retirement credit for the average tax preparer so if you put money in your IRA or if you have a 401(k) you might quality for a special credit on your tax return," Owens said.

For those of you who file extensions, Owens said bear in mind that you still need to pay your taxes by the deadline.

"If you are going to file an extension, make sure you pay what taxes are due, Owens said, because (the) extension (lets you file later) not pay."

She recommends if you just are not sure about or you are not up-to-date on current tax laws find a licensed Certified Public Accountant or EA. And she said make sure to find one before the tax deadline.

This the normal tax deadline of April 15th falls on the weekend, giving taxpayers two extra days to turn in their taxes. Taxes are due by April 17th.