Brenham Shooting the Second Lee Was Involved In

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There was no change late Thursday in the status of the Brenham couple that apparently ended up shooting themselves with a single bullet in a struggle over a gun. However, it's not the first time Daniel Lee has been shot in a memorable manner.

It was back in February 2004 that Lee was treated after being shot at Grassbur and Wannabe roads in Brazos County. Authorities say Lee had claimed he had stopped to help a couple along the roadside when he was shot.

However, Sheriff Chris Kirk says Lee's story was inconsistent, and that he couldn't describe the suspects or the type of weapon used.

At the time, Lee was mere hours from flying to San Diego, where he would have later been deployed to Iraq with the Marines.

Authorities say he was shot at close-range.

Currently, Lee is a jailer with Washington County. Officials there say there has been no action taken against Lee because of this incident.

In speaking with Daniel Lee from his hospital this afternoon, he only said he was doing fine, but refused to answer any questions.

His wife, Jessica, remains in the hospital in Temple in serious condition.

Brenham police say the couple was struggling over a gun during an argument Monday night when it discharged, going through Jessica and into Daniel's liver.