Local Judge Seeks Reform of State Law

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Brazos County District Judge Rick Davis is once again trying to change the law that came down on him.

In early January, Davis wrote a letter urging the Texas legislature to reform the law that governs the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct. It is Davis' third attempt to seek reform from the commission that gave him a public reprimand in the past. He was the first judge in Brazos County history to receive such a reprimand, and now he is asking the state to make some changes.

"I hope they'll change the law to implement some procedures that would result in fairness, that we would get notice of what we're accused of, we would see all of the evidence that's considered against us and we just be treated fairly," Davis said.

In the letter Davis sent to the Texas legislature, he argues the commission denies judges due process. When News 3 asked Davis if he was seeking reform to clear his name, Davis said no.

"I just want to see that other people don't have to go through what I went through," Davis said. "It's not fruitful to rehash old things like that. I just want to make sure the process is fair."

Davis received a public reprimand from the state in March 2002, after Brazos County District Attorney Bill Turner lodged a complaint. The state found Davis had written threats and profanities about former Assistant District Attorney Laura Cass.

Friday, the Brazos County District Attorney's Office declined to comment about Davis' third attempt to seek reform.

"I used to run marathons for fun, so I guess I'm pretty persistent," Davis said. "I think it will come about sooner or later, hopefully sooner, if not later."

Davis is now waiting on the latest in a slew of controversies that have surrounded his name. In September, the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct filed documents accusing Davis of being careless in his duties as a district judge. Davis was charged with improperly attacking the Brazos County District Attorney's office through a personal web site where he wrote he would question the judicial disciplinary system. He's also accused of inappropriate interference with a grand jury.

Most recently, Davis called for a court of inquiry against Assistant District Attorney Shane Phelps, alleging he had improperly influenced the grand jury. Phelps was cleared of those charges.

Davis says he does not know when his latest hearing will take place.