Bryan Police Department Conducts "Buy Bust"

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An undercover operation in Bryan yielded few results this weekend.

In an effort to target street level drug dealers, Bryan Police's Directed Deployment Team made three arrests, compared to 10 in 2005.

The team was joined by K-9 patrol and reserve police officers.

According to police, during the operation citizens in several neighborhoods once associated with drug sales yelled profanities and threats to undercover officers posing as drug buyers.

Police say, the citizens were letting the undercover officers (who they believed were drug users contributing to the decay of their neighborhoods) that they were not welcome there.

Also, several of the street level dealers commented about being careful due to the numerous operations being conducted and the concentrated effort by the Bryan Police Department to clean up street level drug dealing from the City of Bryan.

Police say, the first operation in the area was about a year and a half ago and it resulted in 10 arrests within a very short period of time.

Police believe, the lack of arrests and the difficulty in locating street level dealers is a result of the work of the Directed Deployment Team in the area of street level narcotics enforcement.

That coupled with the targeting of prostitution (also closely related with street level narcotic trafficking) has greatly reduced the incidents of these crimes within the city limits of Bryan.

Three locals were arrested during the undercover operation:

Tederalle Satchell, 22, of Bryan for manufacturing and delivery and possession of marijuana.

Raquel Barrios, 35, of Bryan for manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance.

Cedric Richard, 50, of Franklin for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Police say they seized a combined 0.56 grams of crack cocaine and 1.85 grams of marijuana.

They also recovered a stolen 2007 Dodge Charger.