Preps Continue for Bryan's Signature Event

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It's four-and-a-half months and counting for Bryan's new signature event.

Tuesday afternoon, the city council got an update from staff on preparations for the Texas Reds Steak and Grape Festival.

Some of the main issues remaining are securing wineries and parking.

Planners say they'd like a total of 10 wineries at the event. A total of 126 wineries were contacted across the state, and so far, staff says six have responded. They say they do not anticipate having trouble filling out of the line-up. Local winery Messina Hof will play a major part in the event.

As for parking, they are working with Blinn and Texas A&M to create shuttle service to the downtown event that would eminate from the Blinn campus.

Officials anticipate anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 people to attend the first year of Texas Reds, and they hope by the third year, the event will begin turning a profit for the city, though they add that a major goal of the event is to show off the city and attract people from across the region to return.

Texas Reds is scheduled for June 16.