B-CS Chamber Delegation Heads for Austin

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Two days of meetings in Austin begin Tuesday night for a two-dozen-member delegation from the Bryan-College Station Chamber of Commerce.

Delegates will be attending a reception with state leaders Tuesday night in the state capital. Then Wednesday, the group has arranged for around 50 separate meetings with different senators, representatives and their staffs.

While some of those meetings are with local representatives, the majority are with members from outside the area.

"When you take the opportunity to visit with someone who's introduced a bill that is favorable to our agenda and you go to meet with people who sit on that committee who are going to vote on that, actually, we may not be seeing enough before it's over," said Royce Hickman, the president of the B-CS Chamber of Commerce.

The Austin trip is becoming a regular event for the chamber, along with their trips to Washington. Hickman believes those past experiences will only make this year's efforts even better.

"I think we're going to be pleased with what we're doing this year," he said. "We're going to learn from it and improve it some more, but I fear a lot better about the effort we're putting forth this year."

News 3 will join the Chamber delegation in Austin Wednesday. Stay tuned for reports on their visit.