Milam County Proposal for Sex Offender Treatment Center

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Officials in Milam County are considering the possibility of transforming an old Cameron jail, into a one of a kind treatment center.

"The only way to have the state consider taking up responsibility for financial arrangements would be to offer something that's not available anywhere else," said T.C. Sadler of the Community Supervision and Corrections Department in Milam County. "The only thing that was not available in the state is a CRTC devoted to the treatment of sex offenders."

Sadler said the treatment center would provide more choices for judges and prosecutors throughout the state.

"Sex offenders generally only have two options they're either placed on probation or put in the penitentiary," said Sadler. "There's very little in between that could be done."

Officials said the jail is currently not being used for anything, and if turned into a sex offender treatment center it could accommodate somewhere between 30 and 40 people at a time. But in order to do so the jail would need to undergo some renovations.

"One of the things we would probably have to do is add some type of classroom space either by subtracting the number of beds on the inside of the facility or by enlarging the area around the back fence, and bringing in in a portable building or something like that," said Sadler.

However, the decision on the proposed treatment center is far from approved.

Public hearings must first be held to inform and receive general reaction from the public, and then it would get passed on for approval from the state. But it doesn't stop there.

"It would also depend on if there's money available in the new ni-annual budget starting in September," said Sadler. "So that would be the earliest we could get that project underway."

Officials said public hearings will be tentatively scheduled for sometime in March.