Flowers and Valentine's Day a Perfect Combination

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What goes better together than flowers and Valentine's Day?
Millions of roses were given on the day dedicated to love and many of them in our area.

Over 400 arrangements were hand delivered by Aggieland Flowers on Wednesday and News Three tagged along to see just how flowers brighten a day.

"We really started on Saturday and we worked until about 4 o'clock this morning," Judy Hare with Aggieland Flowers said.

Flowers packed the aisles at the shop and those wanting a last minute gift bypassed hurdles to get their hands on an special treat.

And there is a lot more to it than just making the flower arrangements, once everything is together the delivery drivers hit the road.

Chris Kelly, a College Station Firefighter, used his day off to personally hand out 150 arrangements.

"One of the guys that works with me at the fire department has been delivering for 10 years and I started five years ago," Kelly said. "It's a good time."

Kelly says flowers put a smile on people's faces.
As we found out, the reactions are also priceless.

"They are beautiful," one recipient said. "This is a great surprise."

And, the women were not the only ones showered with flowers, the men even got a little love.

"They are from my wife," one Brazos Valley resident said.

Kelly planned to deliver until 7 p.m. Wednesday.
Judy Hale with Aggieland Flowers said the store would be busy until 9 p.m.