Navasota Officials Cracking Down on Illegal Dumping

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Officials in Navasota are tired of people using areas of the city as their own personal dumping grounds.
So they're fighting back with a new program called Dumper Stoppers.

"The purpose of the program was to raise awareness so the citizens in those areas could spot potential illegal dumpers," said Sarah Korpita the Navasota Center Manager, with the City of Navasota.

Through the program, brochures were mailed out to all their customers educating them on illegal dumping and explaining the penalties for offenders caught doing so, which officials say can range from varying degrees of misdemeanors, up to a felony charge based on the amount dumped.

One reason for the dumping problem may simply be inconvenience.

"We don't have a landfill in Navasota, so it's not convenient for residents to take their larger items to a landfill, and some people in our community don't have the means to do that," said Korpita.

However, Building Official Jim Ward with the City of Navasota says there is no excuse for the illegal dumpers.

"This is completely unnecessary," said Ward. "Bag garbage will be picked up with the regular garbage and large items such as the couch, we'll pick up on the second pick-up date of the week for any citizen."

The creation of "Dumper Stoppers" was assisted through a grant, and since then the city has been able to purchase new high-tech surveillance cameras to catch the offenders in the act.

"When the people are unloading, it will get license plate numbers, it will get a picture of them doing it, and they will have no defense in court," said Ward. "We'll prosecute anybody we catch dumping."