Health Center Services Leon County

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For diabetes patient, Steve West, going to the doctor on a regular basis is a necessity.

But due to long travel distances to get to the physician's office, West says he was rarely able to get medical assistance.

"I would have to travel," said West. "All the way out here in Centerville you have to travel quite far."

But now routine visits are much closer for West and others, since the Leon County Community Health Center opened its doors in December.

"You can't beat it. I mean we've been needing this for a long time," said West. "I myself have had diabetes for years and haven't been able to go to the doctor's so this is great."

West, like many other patients in Centerville is enjoying the convenience of having a quality health care provider pretty much in his own backyard.

Cheryl Hager, Administrator of Rural Operations with B-CS Community Health Clinic said the clinic was modeled after several other existing health care centers.

"Our largest clinic is in Bryan, we're part of the Brazos Valley Community Action Agency, and we have a clinic in Jewett, we have clinic in Navasota, as well as in Brenham, Madisonville, and Hearne," said Hager.

Hager said the new center which boasts six exam rooms and a lab, came about through a collaboration between the local community, and community officials.

The center is aimed at providing health care to patients with all types of insurance, and even those who don't, through a sliding fee scale.

"That would be based on your income you just let us know what your income is and we charge a co-payment based on that," said Hager.

But for patients like West, it's the people who treat him every time he comes in that make him want to come back.

"The staff is wonderful, they treat you very well here," said West.