Perry on Cancer: "I'm going to get it."

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Cancer has struck multiple times in Governor Rick Perry's family and he says he thinks he'll be diagnosed, too.

The governor says every generation of Perry back to the 1850s has died of prostate cancer, and quote: "I'm going to get it."

The Republican is passionate about his new three (M) billion dollar proposal to fund cancer research in Texas.

Perry, speaking yesterday to a small group of reporters in his Capitol office, said his father has had prostate cancer, his mother had colon cancer and his sister had bladder cancer.

His father-in-law also had cancer.

Perry on February second issued an executive order requiring Texas girls entering the sixth grade as of 2008 to get a new vaccine.

Experts say Gardasil protects girls against strains of the human papilloma virus, or HPV, that cause most cases of cervical cancer.