"Friday Night Lights" Producers Want Out of Texas

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AUSTIN (AP) - City and state officials are trying to keep a TV show about a fictional Texas town and its obsession with high school football from leaving Central Texas.

A meeting between the producers of "Friday Night Lights" and Austin City Manager Toby Futrell is scheduled for February 26.

Producers for the show, which shoots around Central Texas, have been hinting that they might move production to New Mexico or Louisiana because of the tax breaks and incentives being offered there.

The critically acclaimed drama series, set in the fictional town of Dillon, is based on Buzz Bissinger's best-selling book about high school football at Odessa Permian and has been shooting in Central Texas for more than a year.

Moving production to New Mexico or Louisiana could save about $100,000 per episode -- and both states are pursuing the show, officials with the show say.