Woman in the White House?

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Women have made significant gains in the political arena over the past several years.
But up until now, Nancy Pelosi as the current Speaker of the House, has been the closest woman in line to the U.S. Presidency.

So, is America ready for her first female President?

"I definitely think it's a remote possibility. I don't think that the gender is going to be the deciding factor. I think it's going to be the issues," said KBTX political analyst, Blanche Brick.

Whether gender or the issues end up playing the vital role in the next presidential election, having a woman center stage and one of the favorites to win a major party nomination is something new.

"If Clinton wins the primaries and becomes the nominee of the democratic party she will be the first to run with a major party as a major party candidate," said Brick. "And that will be a huge difference. There have been women who have run in the past but they have run on small parties."

At the end of January KBTX asked viewers who they thought was the democratic front runner for President, and it was a woman who came up on top.

Clinton received 35% of the vote, and Barak Obama trailed right behind with a little more than 26%.

However, opinions are still mixed on whether or not there will be a woman in the White House.

"I'm for it, if she can handle it," said Brazos County resident, Michael Saenz.

"Depends on who the candidate is," said resident Al Guevara. "I wouldn't vote for Clinton, maybe somebody else."

"I'm not real crazy about the idea to be honest with you, especially the one running right now,"said Rhonda Smith, also a resident in Brazos County.

But as for Brick she believes the right woman, addressing the right topics could find success.

"I think either party could run a woman candidate and win, if they were right on the issues and speaking to the American people," said Brick.