Bryan's Department Organization Under Review

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An examination of Bryan's public works department's organizational structure has turned into a review of the city's chart.

Starting Monday until Thursday, an out-of-state consultant will be looking at the organization of the city's key leaders. A recommendation on whether any organizational changes should be made will likely hit the desk of City Manager David Watkins in early March.

While staff members will be interviewed during the process, their performance is not being reviewed, just the organization of those positions in the city's chain of command.

Among those to be interviewed are those staff members who report directly to Watkins, which includes:

  • Deputy City Managers Hugh Walker and Joey Dunn
  • Assistant City Manager Barbara Bayer
  • Interim Police Chief Bobby Whitmire
  • Fire Chief Mike Donoho
  • Chief Financial Officer Kathy Davidson
  • Interim Water Services Director John Hatchel

    Also to be interviewed:

  • City Secretary Mary Lynne Stratta
  • Internal Auditor Bob Shultz
  • City Attorney Michael Cosentino
  • Human Resources Director Melanie Caballero

    Bryan officials say the initial idea was to bring the consultant in to explore possible changes in the public works department, but in the end, it was decided that a larger review would be best.