Juror Denied Dismissal in Willie Davis Trial

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Wednesday marked the second day in one of Brazos County's most high-profile capital murder trials.

Bryan resident Willie Davis is accused of orchestrating the death of local rap producer Tommy Andrade.

During the trial, a surprise announcement was made by one of the 12 jurors. In a letter addressed to the court, the woman asked to be excused from the trial.

Judge J.D. Langley read the letter for the record, outside of the jury's presence. In the letter, the juror explained the trial was making her anxious, fearful, and explained that she couldn't sleep at night.

She went on to write that she was upset because she felt like race played a part in the jury selection.

Based on options presented to the court, Langley could have replaced the juror with an alternate, but chose not to. The woman's request was denied.

Also Wednesday, prosecutors continued calling witnesses, including three investigators with the Brazos County Sheriff's Office and the brother of Tommy Andrade's roommate.

During Wednesday's testimony, prosecutors described the Davis family drug conspiracy and Tommy Andrade's life as an alleged drug dealer. Prosecutors said Andrade stole $100,000 in drugs or money from the Davis drug conspiracy.

In retaliation, Willie Davis orchestrated Andrade's death, according to the state.

Davis maintains his innocence. If convicted, he faces up to life in prison.

Testimony will continue Thursday at 9 a.m. in the 85th District courtroom.