Vikings Collecting Paper Products for Food Bank

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The geography students of Bryan High School are participating in a service-learning program for the next two weeks.

The project is designed to benefit the Brazos Food Bank while raising awareness among students about local and global poverty. The students will study the issues of hunger in Africa, Asia, as well as right here in Bryan.

The project is also a competition to see which classroom can collect the most paper goods. In an effort to increase donations, students will contact local businesses to seek additional collection sites. This is designed to improve the students' social skills and provide encouragement for them to become leaders in their community.

Bryan High School will be accepting donations at the BHS Silver Campus until March 8.

Service learning is a teaching method that has been in place at BHS for the past 10 years. It combines community service with the classroom in an effort to provide students with a hands-on approach to civic responsibility.