Church Moves Out, County Moves In

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The congregation at First Baptist Bryan had two reasons to celebrate Sunday morning.

The first being, their pastor Tim Owens celebrated his 11th year with the church. Secondly, members were finally at home in their new church building.

"It's been something we've been praying for for about ten years now," said Owens. "And so for it to all finally come together in one place it's just tremendously exciting."

Owens said the church has experienced growth within the congregation, and the new location will better able them to expand their ministries.

And while the old facility may be a thing of the past, it will definitely not be forgotten by the First Baptist Bryan members.

"Downtown is where we've been for a hundred and forty years," said Owens. "I think we're going to kind of miss what that place symbolizes for us, and that was a place that God blessed us for many many years."

The old church building will not go to waste, however. Some Brazos County Offices will soon fill it's inner walls.

"This is going to be the Administration building in which we will have an auditor, a treasurer, commissioners court, county judge, risk management and this type of thing," said Brazos County Judge Randy Sims.

In addition to the convenience in location, the new admin building will provide courthouse offices some much needed space.

And while the new building is expected to be open for business in late August or early September, there is some substantial remodeling needed to be done.

"There's going to be some tearing some walls down, and putting some walls in over there," said Sims. "But it is again a blessing that First Baptist was in the process of moving and we had the opportunity to get the building."