Texas A&M Basketball Shooters Become National Phenomenon

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The guys at Dude Perfect are at it again. Since we last met the six college roommates from Texas A&M, they've been busy creating new unbelievable shots and posting them on their website. From the summer camp edition to the ranch edition, they've been hitting the hoop anyway they can.

But the latest from these basketball bombers is creating a worldwide buzz. A shot from the third deck of Kyle Field, all the way to the field.

Some may speculate, but their shots are legit. We saw the Dude Perfect guys make them ourselves when we did our first story back in April. But to hit a shot from the third deck of Kyle Field. That seems impossible.

"We first weren't sure we could do it! We went up to to the field on Monday and we went to the second deck. We threw a ball off there and saw that we could do it. So I went up to the third deck and after I threw the first ball, I knew we had the distance," said Tyler Toney one of the members of Dude Perfect.

Toney is the man behind many of the shots seen on the Dude Perfect videos and he loves the controversy surrounding the authenticity of their shots.

"We take it because all it does is stir up debate and gets the video more views. If you ask us we'll tell you, all of our videos are 100% real," said Toney.

So where do they go from here? With the national spot light upon them and their website booming, it'll be hard to top the Kyle Field shot.

"We're working on a celebrity edition, so far we've got 2 professional athletes that said they'll do a shot for us and then we're thinking of an East coast, West coast edition, like major landmarks or something like that," said Toney.